Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Preyen Dewani called IP before Annis body was found

Comment: I have been checking carjacking/hijacking in South Africa and the victims,  a bullet to the head and the car is always stolen, which is why it is called carjacking....Dr.Pox and Anni, two deaths, with families that know each other and in both cases the car is not stolen. 

Even the PI states that the body is found somewhere outside of the car. If Shrien is involved, it looks all may have not gone to plan .  Preyen was notified by police when Annie was found and mentions three gun shot wounds?

Preyen the spokesman for the family tells the story as though he were there. Shrien phones his brother in England and straight away Preyen does a search for a PI and up pops Dave Miller.

Dave Miller is not on this webpage but he has been cached. This is the link to Dave Miller. Heather ,the wife of Dr.Pox hired a private investigator by the name of Christian Botha. Why would anyone be thinking PI's a couple of hours after a hi/jack?

Preyal Dewani  started the 'Justgiving' page within days of Annis death, open until the year 2015.

People it seems believe this page was set up by Annis family and the money will be going to a charity but how can we know this ? Anni was not a DEWANI, she would not become a DEWANI until the exchanging of rings on her birthday in March. This may explain Anni's comment that she did not understand she was on her 'honeymoon' because to her although there had been a ceremony she was not yet married in the full sense of the word.



Private Investigator PI Detective Cape Town South Africa

Mr. Dave Miller was an independent freelance investigator who assisted other private investigation companies in strategic investigation services. ...
www.infoguys.com/community/displayad.asp?id=1739 - Cached

 The sooner police speak with Preyen the better.

Shrien Dewani's brother reportedly attempted to hire a South African private detective in the hours before Anni Dewani's body was found, according to British newspaper The Telegraph.

Preyen Dewani, in the company of Shrien's father Prakash, contacted private detective Dave Miller from the United Kingdom in the early hours of the morning following the couple's alleged hijacking in a township near Cape Town. They were apparently worried that the SAPS was not giving the matter its urgent attention.

"When you have someone in a state of shock, and the first three or four minutes it's like a bomb has exploded, you want everything done at once but my view is that you let it take its course and not run in like a bull in a china shop," Miller, a former police detective who now runs 'Sleuth Detectives', told
The Telegraph.
"In the morning when the daylight arrived, if police hadn't taken them seriously, if they had not allocated senior officers, I would get involved," he added.

"I just told the family that it was terrible and I hoped she was alive and I would get involved but let's just give it five or six hours. Let's see what the police come up with."

An unnamed member of the Dewani family confirmed with The Telegraph that the conversation took place.

"In London, Preyen and Prakash [Shrien's brother and father] typed 'PI' into the internet to see if anyone had any formal contacts or the ability to start looking because with something like this it's important they do something immediately.

"They contacted this chap Dave Miller and his response was that we should wait five hours until daylight and if nothing had happened to contact him again.

"He said usually in these circumstances, they leave the person out of the car or they have something by first light."

In November, Anni was killed in an apparent hijacking in a township near Cape Town, but her husband and the driver were freed by the attackers.

Anni's body was later found in the back of the abandoned vehicle. Three suspects, including the driver, have since been arrested. Shrien Dewani, who was officially implicated by the driver, is out on bail in Britain.

Dewani's legal team is gathering evidence in an attempt to block South Africa's attempts to have him extradited to face trial.