Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dewani Is His Own Worst Enemy

Thursday, November 25, 2010   |  Comments: 18
By Michael Trapido ;

The inexplicable conduct of Shrien Dewani, husband of Anni Dewani who was murdered in Gugulethu while on her honeymoon in South Africa, continues on Thursday with the UK Daily Mail, quoting sources close to him as saying that the South African investigators are trying to pin it on him because it looks better for the country.
A “friend” is quoted as follows : “We are just increasingly conscious that there are some people who are definitely trying to set him up. It suits them because an English guy who has done this would be much less damaging to South Africa than if one of their own had done it.

“They’re all corrupt. They are all taking bribes. There is mass murder everywhere, and every time one of these guys gets caught, they try to say anything to reduce their sentence. That’s how the system is. “The police are whispering furiously to the South African media. We understand what’s going on. There’s a lot at stake. “Let’s see what proof they come up with.”

According to the police have refused to comment on the claims that he is being “set up” by them.
Needless to say that this is an unwarranted and outrageous attack on the police and criminal justice system of South Africa which has gone out of its way to fast-track this particular investigation.

In light of the fact that 3 locals have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder the claims are also patently absurd.

More so after confirmation this week from the police that he is not a suspect.

This, of course, is not the first questionable judgement Mr Dewani has made.

The first was the inconsistent statements he volunteered to UK newspapers. These were not forced out of him and in many respects are blatantly inconsistent.
Yet regard must be had to the trauma he has suffered.

The second is the hiring of a top rated publicist and highly regarded attorney.

Why would a victim need to hire one of South Africa’s best lawyers Billy Gundelfinger?

If he was a top celebrity or politician involved in a billion dollar bun fight it would be justified. In the case of a VICTIM who police claim is not a SUSPECT it is mystifying.

It’s like taking a tank to a knife fight.

Thirdly, Max Clifford acts for superstars.
Why would Dewani need him?To show he is the greatest griever of all time?The Daily Mail quotes another party : “The fear is that the police are looking for a hook to hang this on in order to protect tourism because there are British citizens involved.

“If they can muddy the waters with allegations that it was something more than a robbery, that works for them.”

Who is them and why would South Africa, with its incredibly high murder rate, ever try to pin this 1 murder case on Shrien Dewani?
The country is known for its murder rate. The case became high profile because a BRIDE on HER HONEYMOON died in South Africa and NOT because the police believe the husband did it.

Yet he goes around the tabloids making inconsistent statements and behaving like an accused rather than a victim and wonders why eyebrows are being raised.
At this point in time Shrien IS NOT A SUSPECT but rather a victim who is required to POINT OUT PERPETRATORS and CRIME SCENES. I don’t know how much more I can stress those points.

In response and instead of confirming simply that he is assisting police – which he has done – we are told that the police and media are trying to set him up.

Why?The police to promote tourism by blaming him?

They have said he is not a suspect and have arrested 3 locals which makes that look ridiculous.

News 24 report that In a statement issued through Clifford, Shrien’s brother, Preyen Dewani, said: “As you can imagine he has been severely traumatised by the country and the specific threats that he too may be a target in the South African press.“He is currently receiving medical assistance to help deal with the trauma. The family are in constant contact with the police and are fully co-operating with their investigation.”
Go back to the point of departure : The media are involved at this level because a bride was murdered on her honeymoon. The only reason why Shrien Dewani is being examined so closely is because each day he takes another extraordinary step for a victim.Today’s episode, in accusing the police who couldn’t have been more helpful of trying to pin it on him, is beyond ludicrous.
Why would anyone ever suggest that out of the blue?

Shrien needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and stop trying to second guess everything.

Billy Gundelfinger is as good as they say – let him do the talking from now on.