Thursday, December 23, 2010

DEWANI / McCanns..lets get our facts straight shall we...

I am leaving this here to help our South African friends understand why we believe this is another Dewani/McCann whitewash.  I read a couple of days ago an article from a South African blogger / reporter, who had not done their homework and spouted off the most ridiculous reason for connecting Anni's case with the McCanns...and I quote ' dogs were taken to England and Madeleines fluid found on one of Kates skirts which she had bought long before Madeleine disappeared. This was the only reason the McCanns were made  arguidos ' End of quote.  Article 'Feeding Frenzy' in link provided.

There is also the matter of suggested paedophilia amongst the group of doctors. Dr.David Payne needs to be interviewed by Portuguese police to see if there are in fact any truth to these allegations.

When we write an article on the Internet it is advisable to do a little research and know what we are talking about ,otherwise we may look rather foolish but more important we cannot help the truth be known .

Two stories here, the Smarts and the McCanns...both cases full of lies and deceit, both families with money to buy the best lawyers and spin doctors to get away with their crimes.

Understand this and you will understand the victim is of no importance. Money is all that matters.

Shrien Dewani , for the moment is guilty of one thing , deceit , he has not told the truth and only he knows why. Shrien has learnt the hard way , what may have started out as a samll harmless lie  needed a bigger lie to cover
 it up and now the lies have spiralled out of control, his brother Preyen along with Max Clifford are trying to spin his words and change the fact he said his family in England would know the taxi drivers registration number.