Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dewani Family On Media Offensive As Anni's Dad Urges Him To Go Back

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The family of Shrien Dewani attempted to hire a private investigator in the hours after Anni Dewani's hijacking but before discovery of her body according to reports in the British media.The UK telegraph's Aislinn Laing says that the family had taken this drastic step over concerns that the South African Police were working too slowly.

The private detective, Dave Miller, said that Dewani's father and brother rang him from Britain in the early hours on the night of her disappearance asking him to get involved in the search for Anni.
This is technically problematic as according to all reports Shrien Dewani was only released by the hijackers at 23h00 on the Saturday evening.Miller, formerly a member of the South African Police Service who now runs Sleuth Detectives, said he advised them to let the police do their job and call back in the morning if she had not been found.

The report says that a member of the Dewani family confirmed Miller's account citing an apparent lack of police resources for their concern.

In response to the claims that Shrien was caught on CCTV paying off taxi driver Zola Tonga the family state that : "Shrien had used Zola Tongo's services. If Shrien had run away without paying his dues, he would have been accused of that instead."

In addition the family has gone on a media offensive releasing a video of the Dewani wedding to show how happy the couple were.

Undoubtedly famous publicist Max Clifford is involved in the family efforts to try and regain the moral high ground.

The UK Daily Mail reports : "Clifford, who became Shrien Dewani’s spokesman two days after the businessman flew back to Britain with his wife’s coffin in the aircraft hold, says the ­allegations are ‘untrue’, ‘ludicrous’, ‘hurtful’ and ‘ridiculous’.

"In what appeared to be an orchestrated campaign by Clifford, a number of Sunday newspapers published stories and video images which supported Dewani’s fervent denials that he was in any way to blame for his wife’s death after she was kidnapped then shot in the neck by two men near Cape Town five weeks ago."

The report also says that Anni’s grieving father this week begged his son-in-law to return to Africa. Like him, there are many who believe that only by doing that can Shrien Dewani – her handsome bridegroom in that touching wedding video – uncover the truth about why she died.

Times Live report that the SAPS will not comment on claims by Shrien Dewani's lawyers that his wife was shot accidentally while her attackers were trying to rape her. The parties are due to take part in an extradition enquiry shortly to establish whether Shrien will be sent back to South Africa to stand trial for the murder of his wife while on honeymoon.