Sunday, December 26, 2010

DEWANI / Max Clifford allowing comments in the Daily Mail to feel the ground as extradition papers have now been served. Knowing the seedy Max Clifford he will be ordering the Mail to only pass anti South African comments. It is a disgrace but exactly what Clarence Mitchell did with the McCanns..they call it ' proving the accused are innocent'

I too hope this poor lady gets proper justice, who ever did the dastardly deed.
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Unfortunately there is a great deal of corruption in South Africa, but one would assume that everyone knows SA's crime statistics, and as much as South Africa would like to make things look better, trying to prove a foreigner was responsible for one murder is hardly going to do it.

There are guidelines all over the internet on safety precautions when travelling to SA.

This whole thing is very bizarre.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Anni's family, and I hope and pray that those responsible do the time. May she RIP
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Shouldn't cases like this be closed off to the media until the trial is over and people are found guilty or not guilty?

How can a jury or even a judge make a decision with all the reports and speculation? It doesn't matter that will be reviewing evidence and reports submitted - the information reported from the media will still be in the mind.
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The more you read about this, the more it seems obvious that South Africa is trying to frame the Brit to protect there countries tourism. It is more likly that Anni would have been shot in th heart not neck if she was being executed.

Also, eye-witness statments before suggested she could have been sexually assulted because of her clothing.

Seems like a robery that went into a sexual assult and then all went wrong and ended in murder. Then South Africa trying a majory cover up to hide, robbery, rape and murder.

Mr Dewani may struggle clearing his name given and getting true justice for Anni given he's against a nation. Maybe UK police can offer assistance.
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Anyone that is familiar with how the SA government works will know they are capable of anything when it comes to hiding information. Most ministers in South Africa, including the police force are Marxists.

Witnesses said Anni's underwear was pulled down and her dress up. Maybe she fought for her dear life when they said they wanted to rape her. Obviously not happy the woman is fighting back they shot her. If you don't shoot 'someone' deliberately why does the article state about stab wounds in her back? You don't stab someone three times by accident.

Today there's another story in the mail about a couple that got attacked with a machete. The headline read: "We were virtually hacked to death with a machete in Tobago... but all the authorities did was to ask us to tell the world about their 'fantastic' island"

The SA government is VERY sensitive to it's international image. Sacrificing a couple, as Marxism dictates, is a small price to pay in order to protect a country.
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Nice one DM- I'm sure this is exactly what her family needs to be reading at this time of year.

A tad heartless no?
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This is such a tragedy for the parents of this beautiful woman. My heart goes out to them.
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Poor girl.I hope everyone responsible in this is punished and her family get the justice they deserve.
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RIP Anni.
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