Saturday, December 18, 2010


Police want to examine a laptop Anni Dewani was using two days before the murder
Detectives want to examine a laptop computer Anni Dewani was seen using two days before she was murdered.

South African police believe  it could contain vital information that might ‘shed light’ on her relationship with her husband.

Suggestions from police that ‘all was not well within the marriage’ have been fiercely denied by Mr Dewani’s family.

CCTV footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday shows Anni clutching the laptop as she strolled through the reception of the Chitwa Chitwa safari lodge adjoining the Kruger National Park.

The couple stayed there from November 9 to 12, the day before the killing.

Now the whereabouts of the laptop are not clear.

‘Investigators are hoping that they can quickly track down who is in possession of it so that experts are able to examine it thoroughly,’ said a South African detective.

Staff recall seeing Mrs Dewani working on the computer. Once, she left it at the lodge bar and was later seen on CCTV retrieving it.

The new enquiries come as Dinho Plembe, a barman at the lodge, questioned the intimacy of the newlyweds.

 ‘I never saw them kissing each other or cuddling or holding hands,’ he said. ‘If I hadn’t been told that they were on honeymoon I wouldn’t have guessed it.’

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