Friday, December 24, 2010

Shrien Dewani: What is he hiding ?

It would appear that contact had already been made with Heather , widow of Dr.Pox and also according to Preyen a PI had been contacted before Annis body was even found within hours of the tragedy.

It looks like Heather maybe contacted the PI and is now  in England until the middle of January keeping well out of the way, although she claims the trip had already been planned. Heather, would have telephoned Christian Botha and asked for a recommendation, it would have looked very fishy if Christian was also hired by the Dewanis,  had we a crystal ball and known Tongas ' shock horror' explosive news that he was hired by Shrien.  Dave Miller I would imagine ,does know PI Christian Botha. If this is the scenaria why would Heather want a PI so soon on the case , when Anni had yet to be found. Mrs. Raghavjees ' doth protest' too much, me thinks, her only concern seems to be about money and the relation of it with the Dewanis. Follow the money and we may find out why the Dewanis and Raghavjees are all hiding out in Bristol and why they need  the 'mouthpiece' Max Clifford  to prevent the truth from becoming public knowledge.

 So it seems Heather may have lied and knew about Anni before she was even found and the lie being her daughter in law called her from England with this information, or was it Preyen????Either way it would seem if Shrien referred to Heather as 'family' both families must be a lot closer than they would like anyone to believe and Heather knew of this 'carjacking  a lot sooner than she has said..

Shrien may have mentioned in passing about the 'carjacking' and murder of Dr.Pox to Tongo while in the car with Anni as part of a conversation, nothing more..... which is why Tongo mentioned a previous ' carjacking' by Dewani in his plea bargaining...BUT something is being hidden here and it could well be 'KARMA' and the discovery of who really killed Dr.Pox. Shrien may well be a victim caught up in something much more sinister, it could well be a situation where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. BUT Shrien is lying , question is why?