Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dewani Extradition Process Has Commenced

Wednesday, December 22, 2010   |  Comments: 0
The National Prosecuting Authority has confirmed that it has submitted papers for the extradition of British businessman Shrien Dewani, alleged to have murdered his wife on honeymoon, to the South African Justice Department.

This is in accordance with a report by the national broadcaster on Wednesday afternoon.

The SABC points out that the Justice Department, as the central authority dealing with extraditions, will facilitate the process with the International Relations Department through diplomatic channels.

The charges follow accusations made by taxi driver Zola Tongo during his plea and sentence agreement wherein he claimed that Dewani was the mastermind behind the murder of Anni Dewani using a simulated hijacking.
Shrien’s response to most of the allegations are covered in detail in our earlier article.

According to the report NPA spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga says that he is confident that the extradition process will be successful.

He is quoted by the SABC : “The papers that we submitted to the Department of Justice as the central authority, we believe are in order and have all the information that will persuade the court in a subsequent hearing to grant us the extradition. We are confident that in a reasonable time, we will have him here as an accused."
Dewani has been granted bail of £250 000 in addition to the conditions that he report to the police daily and wears an electronic tagging device.