Monday, December 20, 2010

DEWANI: Is Heather Raghavjee still in the UK with travel agent daughter in law Avita who lives near Shrien Dewani... ?

Police are desperate to speak to the wife of Dr "Pox" Raghavjee and want her to return from the UK to answer questions about her husband's 2007 murder.

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Yesterday, two officers from Pretoria arrived in King William's Town, Eastern Cape, to take over the stalled investigation into Raghavjee's killing.

With family connections made by The Times' sister newspaper, the Daily Dispatch, between Raghavjee's death and that of British honeymoon tourist Anni Dewani last month in Cape Town, investigators from the national office have now shown interest in the Eastern Cape murder.

Raghavjee was found dead in his car near Bhisho stadium with a bullet wound in the head - circumstances not too dissimilar to Dewani's murder last month.

His death has since been described as an organised "hit".

Raghavjee's widow, Heather, is in the UK, where she is sharing publicist Max Clifford with Anni's husband, Shrien.

Officers visited Heather's house twice this week, but found it locked. The Daily Dispatch heard from people close to the Raghavjee investigation that Heather was a "key witness".

The investigators are said to be interested in reviewing ties between the Raghavjees and the Dewanis. "She can assist our investigations," said one policeman. Additional reporting Andrew Stone, Daily Dispatch