Friday, December 24, 2010

DEWANI: Max Clifford has inflamed South Africa and done Shrien more harm than good


''...many South African
journalists, police and
politicians have been
shocked and angered by
how the British press has
portrayed the country and its citizens.

From the beginning, after Anni's bloody body was found shot dead in the back seat of a taxi on a Saturday night, the British media, fed information by Anni's husband Shrien Dewani and his entourage under the guidance of tabloid manipulator Max Clifford, has employed a
point of view that has
infuriated South Africans
with its casual racism.

The country has been
depicted as an essentially
alien land that alternately woos with its beautiful wildlife and terrifies through the
murderousness of its

''In the eyes of Cape Town's majority
'coloured' (mixed-race)
and black citizenry -many of whom have endured close to a lifetime of institutionalised hatred,
violence and discrimination under
apartheid - the British
media have demonstrated a complete failure to consider their
communities as a whole;
to acknowledge the
evident developmental
challenges facing them;
and to accept that their city and their nation possess a functioning police force and an
independent judiciary.

Many Capetonians are
convinced that the Dewani camp has hurtfully exploited stereotypical views of the city and its crime rates to, literally, get away with murder.''

Source: The First Post
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