Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Treat all cases as you did with Dewani...

The past few weeks have seen South Africans open their mouths wide in contempt of what has been happening recently. The names Shrien Dewani, Jub-Jub Maarohanye and Mulalo Sivhidzho are not strange to us today because of the decisions that these three adults apparently made at some stage of their lives. But that’s not really a point of this piece as I have a few things to say about South Africa as a country. Just to go back a bit to what these three did (and thought they’d get away with murder, basically). Sivhidzho, with her mind clouded by money and what it can do to her already not bad life decided to get her very intelligent and successful husband killed by some low-lifes that she can’t even look at today, because that decision comes back to haunt her, and her innocent family.

Shrien allegedly decided to come to our country because it’s a good place to get people killed. He’s a very smart man who devoured his books and may possibly have to devour more behind bars here or back home in Britain. Jub-Jub, our celebrated ‘kidstar’, with nothing much to do one afternoon with a buddy they decided to play like they’ve seen on the telly, only mistake they made was that TV stuff is usually made up, staged, while they were real people toying with death from the get go.

Now you know who I am talking about, and let’s get to the point of my piece. Sivhidzho conspired Avhatakali Netshisaulu’s death a good 4 or so years ago, and while the case has been consistent one gets the feeling that we need to get her behind bars for good once and for all. She needs to know that there’s no hope for her here in the land of the free. The sooner the better. The more the case drags the more hope she’s got and we don't need that at all.

She’s an adult who made a choice and should live to regret it at the right place with the hope that those like her but still in the free land will see that it ought not to be done. Jub-Jub and Tshabalala’s case is one such as well; it needs to be wrapped up and lessons needs to be learnt by the perpetrators. Isn’t life all about learning after all? If the said two are not willing then our youngsters who looked up to the likes of Jub-Jub will learn and grow to be better informed individuals. Shrien is a different animal indeed; pun intended there, General Cele. It is alleged that he decided to come to our beautiful country with very bad intentions; we know today that it had nothing to with either his love for our country or his beautiful late wife, Anni.

Our justice system needs to work as fast and on the spot as they did with this Dewani case. South Africans deserve that. As a country we need to have such a robust system that people will know before they come here that we are not a place for gangsters. But we also need to work as hard when it comes to cases involving our own people here on the ground. (Tshabalala) and Mulalo Sivhidzho. Our justice system just needs to make sure of that.

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