Thursday, December 16, 2010

DEWANI: Connection

In 2007  Dr. Pox Raghavjee was hijacked, murdered in his car and left outside a sports stadium near King Williams Town.

Confusing police at the time , his wallet and other personal possessions (including his mobile phone) were left at the scene.

Connection:  The wife is a personal friend of the Dewani family and it was Dr. Pox Raghavjee’s widow (Heather Raghavjee) who drove to Cape Town the morning after the brutal killing of Anni to comfort the grieving widow.

Reasons to hijack  1) To steal the car  2) Rape and steal the car....Car not stolen in either incident.

Both killings, one bullet to the head. Dr.Pox Raghavjee had some clothes removed. Anni Dewani it is reported had her clothes rearranged but no reports of rape.