Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dewani: Ten questions that need answers...

1. Which victim hires a publicist?

2.Which victim hires a criminal attorney?

3.Which victim newlywed husband doesn’t return to identify his wife’s murderers?4.Which victim says the police are trying to set him up before they've said a word?

5.Which victim, in a case like this, makes a round of the tabloids so soon after the event?

6.Which victim is grieving too hard to deal with the identity parade but somehow managed to speak to the tabloids?7.Which victim gives conflicting versions and then gets annoyed when everyone becomes suspicious?

8.Which victim slams the press for interference after having used the same vehicle (tabloids) to get his version out there?

9.Which victim newlywed doesn’t visit and fully brief his in-laws in their time of grief?

10.Which victim, almost immediately begins a campaign of defence when the whole world had nothing but sympathy for him?

If a timeline is drawn it becomes clear that Dewani has been responding to non-existent accusations and – each time he does – the media react to him.

He gives conflicting versions in the tabloids, hires a top criminal attorney and publicist, he/his friends say that the police are trying to frame him and so on and so forth.

Yet until today the official line is that he is not a suspect.

In fact the police confirm that until further notice there isn’t going to be any more comments in the media.

And the more his extraordinary behavior is questioned the stranger it becomes.

Why is that?